My name is Josh and I represent The Fountain Group. We are a national staffing firm and are currently seeking a Microbiologist for a prominent Fortune 500 client of ours. This position is located in Woodstock,IL. Details for the positions are as follows:

Job Description

The position is responsible for performing microbiological analyses, in process bioburden testing, final product endotoxin and sterility testing, investigate out-of-limit or out-of-specification test results, and provide lab support for validation and business development activities.
Compile and interpret results of microbiology and environmental monitoring tests and results.
Maintain, clean, and sterilize laboratory instruments and equipment.
Conduct chemical and physical laboratory tests to assist scientists in making qualitative and quantitative analyses.
Robust understanding of the regulatory requirements.
Able to compose robust investigations for microbiology, environmental monitoring and support of manufacturing investigations.
Write technical reports or prepare graphs and charts to document experimental results.
Perform water sampling, including DI water, WFI and steam
Perform sterility testing of finished produce
Perform bioburden testing of raw materials, WFI and bulk product
Perform bacterial endotoxin testing of WFI and bulk product
Subculture and characterize microbial isolates using the Gram stain and differential tests such as the catalase and oxidase reaction, prepare shipments of subcultures for identification
Perform growth promotion testing of liquid and plated media, including media fills
Perform environmental monitoring of laboratory areas
Perform bacteriostasis/fungi stasis testing to validate test methods
Process and incubate exposed biological indicators
Incubate and read media fills
Identifies micro-organisms by microscopic examination of physiological, morphological, and cultural characteristics.
Receive and prepare samples and equipment for testing, including but not limited to finished product and bioburden
Incubate and examine tests, including but not limited to bioburden, sterility, Bis and media fill units
Enumerate bacteria; prepare shipments for outside laboratories
Understand the science behind the above listed testing requirements, be able to clearly communicate testing requirements and expectations.
Understand environmental monitoring, the different testing requirements and the interpretation of the results.
Detail oriented to perform peer review of results, investigations and protocols.
Operate and maintain laboratory equipment, including but not limited to incubators, autoclaves, ovens, vacuum pumps; assist with qualifications and validations
Maintain current training status on equipment and procedures
Perform documentation per cGMP; prepare and assist with preliminary and full investigations
Support R&D and Technical Services activities
Assist with FDA and customer audits
Assist with and conduct studies as requested by the Lab Supervisor
Maintain effectiveness of the Quality System components relevant to this position.

If you are interested in hearing more about the position please respond to this posting with your resume attached.

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